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Friday, July 16, 2010

How I'm Going to Save the World

Of all the crazy schemes I have considered for changing the world, this idea is probably one of the least expensive and most practical. At least I tell myself that. For the past five years I have been researching, planning and illustrating a design for a utopian society, not driven by laws or economy, but kept in check by the structures they live in.
Dubbed the “Honeycomb” these structures will be a series of hexagonal rooms arranged in a grid, meant to provide nearly one hundred people all basic necessities as well as luxuries only experienced by the top 1% of the world.

Why This Would Work

The reason this idea could be accomplished is the independence from modern societies this would enjoy. The structures would be built underground, in an area considered unfit for development and away from other human settlements. Water flowing through the baths and taps would be recycled within the community, eliminating the need to bring in fresh water from other sources, but occasionally supplemented by the sporadic rainfall the region we would build this is located.
After initial construction nature would be allowed to return above the honeycomb, countering one of society’s biggest burdens on nature, the use of space. This community would be self-sufficient, have little to no environmental impact and provide living space in an efficient way. With this project I hope to find a solution to starvation and over population, possibly addressing social and governmental issues as well once more progress has been made and the community has been formed.


I am going to post additional information on the actual site, my notes, concept art and maybe in the future, photos of the construction. Currently we are in the funding acquisition stage, but perhaps in a few months we can purchase the land and begin construction.

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