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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Last Blog Post

I'm afraid my friends, that it is time for me to retire. To all those who have followed me, I apologize that I am leaving you now. And to all you readers just joining, I must apologize even more, since you all are new readers.
Okay so this is my first post in this venue, not my last, however first posts are far less interesting than final posts. For those of you joining us, my name is Duncan Setter, at the time of writing this I lived in Portland Oregon for the past sixteen years of my life and expect to never live here again. Not out of contempt, nor disinterest, but I feel that my aspirations in life are best fulfilled elsewhere.
Aspirations such as improving the world, solving starvation, disease, over population, corruption, theft, murder, depression and the lack of adventure our world is suffering from. I doubt I will accomplish any of these in a single life time, but if no one tried, then such things would linger forever. This blog is my way of informing the world on my own progress towards such lofty goals, as well as a way to motivate others to join me in this monumental quest.

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