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Monday, July 19, 2010

This Week's Science 7/19/2010

After a weekend of dungeons and dragons, surprise grandparent visits and social drama ‘tis nice to get back to the basics, SCIENCE. This being our first week I thought we would start with something fun, lighting stuff on fire and robots. So let’s look at our schedule.


Not all of my home experiments may be this close to home, but this Tuesday we will be testing the emergency value of top ramen. While camping earlier this summer the rest of the Setter family discovered that the popular packaged food burns for an extended period of time compared to other camping foods, providing a light source that might be utilized in any light less situations you will find yourself in when a blackout, hurricane or zombie invasion rolls into your town. We will also be testing cooking supplies to get more out of your top ramen torch, so be ready for some unconventional cooking on Tuesday.


On the subject of cooking, does it ever bother you that the food we are eating could kill us because of a corporate fat cat cutting corners for a few extra bucks. Well my Wednesday rant will be on how much I hate what the free market has done with food quality, it worked getting us away from sub-par meat processing, but now that it driving our food quality down to the point where choosing brands is akin to determining which product has a lower amount of lethal chemicals, grah! Excuse me, I’ll save the rest for Wednesday, toxic food is getting me down.


For a more positive side of life in the future, yes the future, sometime recently it stopped being the present and now is the future. Cyborgs, we know them as cold, killing machines and humanities final hope in half a dozen doomsday scenarios, but we already have them walking among us. The Idea of adding artificial body parts to a living being is in no way new, but in the last ten years a whole slew of new cybernetic beings now walk, crawl and fly. Some of which you might never see, others that you might never even notice.


By the end of the week we’ll look to what I have accomplished in my own scientific mission, as well as a look into how I plan on powering an underground society on water, both hot and cold. If you have any ideas on the subject I especially encourage you to comment on Friday’s post, maybe what you come up with will surpass what my own efforts could ever become. Remember, science isn’t a spectator sport, and in most circles, not considered a sport at all, but what do they know?

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