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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Ramen Torch

It was my intent to test the following two properties of a top ramen torch, duration and radius of illumination. The measuring tape and timer were ready, I had also made a crude but effective wire holder for the ramen block, but plans changed when the noodles didn’t catch on fire.

Even though what was expected did not happen does not mean today’s experiment was at all a failure, what it does indicate is that neither a match nor lighter can provide enough heat to meet the activation energy requirement that would have caused the ramen to burst into flames. Further tests involved the addition of olive oil and cooking oil however our sources of fire just didn’t have enough to start the torch. Although it would still be possible to ignite a block of ramen to test its duration and radius of illumination, we would require a much larger flame. Sadly I doubt I could get away with making a bonfire in my backyard.

In the end it seems that ramen can be used as a light source, it cannot however be lit without already having a large open flame to ignite said ramen. So for quick and cheap campfire entertainment, the burning of ramen can last for quite some time, but for those of you at home don’t rely on a top ramen torch to light your way.

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