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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly Update

Another week of time and another week of progress towards my ultimate goals. As you all know I recently established a blog for the sake of sharing my ideas of the future, as well as helping them come into existence, so that is one step taken this last week. Beyond that not much direct progress has been made, we’ll see how next week turns out.

The Honey Comb

For those of you curious on how I plan on powering an underground utopia, this segment is for you. For the original designs solar panels were the dominate power source, as they would be able to use the space above ground normally used by buildings. But as our focus became stronger on zero human impact of the environment we began to look into alternate power sources. What we came up with is the use of duel power generators that both use water to generate electricity.

The first of the two generators would be geothermal, sending water from a reservoir down to be heated by thermal energy, which would turn the water to steam, forced through pipes upwards to move a turbine. This steam would condense back into hot water, which could then be used for bathing water and cooking, or allowed to cool, radiating heat into the buildings, providing heat without requiring electricity. Water allowed to cool could also be used, for bathing, drinking, cooking and farming, all of which would receive water by the downward flow of water condensed from steam. After being used for electricity and other utilities the water would then flow back to the generator room, where it would be filtered and flow back into a second geothermal well. A second boiling would cause the steam to rise through additional turbines and settle back into the reservoir, creating a full circuit in which we recycle nearly all the water, though we won’t know the efficiency until we try.

A second generator will also be working inside the generator room as an emergency system, supplementing our electricity and providing for lights in case of a main electrical failure. Two pools of water divided by a selectively permeable membrane allows water to flow between the bodies of water, but the smaller pool of the two has a higher concentration of solutes. The net water flow will attempt to create a balance between the pools, where both sides will have an equal percentage of solute. This balance will be worked towards, even if the bodies of water are not level with each other, when the side with a higher concentration of solutes has achieved a certain height over the other pool water will begin to fall through a second permeable membrane back into the lower pool. Selectively permeable membranes prevent large solutes from passing through; as a result the solutes would not be allowed to fall into the lower pool. An imbalance would be constantly in play, where water would always be moving around. Electricity could be generated from water pouring back into the lower pool as well as water movement through the membranes.

As of yet I have been unable to create a functioning generator of this type, due to a poor selection of adhesives, however each of the steps have functioned on their own, so that indicates that the entire system would work.

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  1. Exercise room: make everyone do work, and make every weight machine and treadmill produces electricity. IT'S AN ALMOST WORTHLESS AMOUNT OF POWER!