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Thursday, August 19, 2010


After millions of years of evolution we still are subject to sleep, a time where we are almost completely vulnerable. Why? I really wish my brain would refresh the parts it wasn't using while other parts continued to function, only needing to rest if I sustained use of an aspect of my thoughts too long. If anyone figures out how to do this I will happily assist you to the best of my abilities in making you a fortune, as long as I can not sleep without any side effects.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peanut Butter fails at destroying evolution

For those of you who haven't seen it, a video is online of a man named Chuck Missler describing how evolution is disproved by the food industry. Now I respect that he can have his own opinion on how the world was created, but the campaign of misinformation is the aspect that really infuriates me. If you are so inclined you can look up peanut butter evolution on youtube, I won't describe his "experiment," but I will describe why it doesn't make sense.
Those who believe in evolution, and researched a possible way for the origin of life do not believe that life spontaneously spawned from a blob of matter exposed to energy. The idea is that an extremely complex combination of elements are needed to have a functioning organism. So the claimed blob would be an incredibly rare occurrence, not to mention the chances of it being exposed to energy as well as the organism surviving to reproduce. Odds are such a sequence of events wouldn't happen in a jar of peanut butter.
Even if it did you wouldn't see it, the organisms would be microscopic, what was Chuck expecting? I doubt a newly created chinchilla would fall out of the jar.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alien Swarm

After my rant concerning the poor quality of space ships against alien attacks I stumbled across Alien Swarm. Free on Steam, Alien Swarm takes you and three other marines into abandon colonies overrun with insect-like xenos. In addition to something you can spend your time on, it subtly conveys the importance of survival strategies in horror situations. My favorite example is that friendly fire is almost always more dangerous than enemy attacks, don't get in your ally's way. Good luck, and don't shoot your friends, unless they are zombies trying to eat your brains.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Future

So some time not too long ago we started having robots, flying cars and teleportation. Sure all of these are in their infantile states but they exist. These facts get me thinking, what will my future be like. What will yours be like? Technology is rapidly altering how we live, at the same time our style of living has changed in unexpected ways. Readers, please comment on what sort of career you will be working by 2025, and we'll see what to expect in the coming decades.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Survival engineering

Without a regular schedule I am not going to get anything done, I accept that. So I’m going to restart on a three days a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule. Since leaving I’ve been catching up on some sci-fi shows, films and general discussion. As a result I have a few questions concerning our future space-station engineers.
First, why cold steel, metallic grey interior, space travel is depressing enough without keeping people in giant steel cans. The reasoning is supposedly space travel relies on compact rooms to insure structural integrity. However the vast hangers, wide lunch hall and spacious hallways would not suffer from a centimeter of cheerfully colored plastic. Determining where the drab-colored man-eating alien would be far easier if the corridors weren’t painted from the bucket marked drab alien.
Second, why all the exposed wiring and piping, in not only the maintenance pathways, but everywhere else as well. When in space you don’t want the chance for someone to trip over a wire, turning off power to life support, the airlock or whatever. You should cover those damn things, for safety as well as keeping the little buggers from traversing the hallways, always skirting at the edge of sight. Just as easy as keeping the ship chipper, shielding the pipes and wires from the clumsy worker, or crawling parasite should be a must.
Third, why do you need a crawlspace in the ceiling and the floor when you use the hallways for the pipes? If you didn’t care about aesthetics before why bother covering the wires now? Furthermore, if you are going to have said crawlspace, why have the grating loose and sharp, easily removable and able to stab an innocent technician.
Lastly, why make 180 degree motion trackers? If they are coming from behind your motion tracker isn’t worth shit. Your teammates disappearing behind you will remain a mystery until you end up something’s lunch, or host, or sacrifice etc.. Unless you have a 360 degree motion tracker, or even better a 3d tracker, so the damn critter crawling below you isn’t mistaken for something above you.

Monday, August 2, 2010


So the day after my previous post I went to Eugene for a college orientation, in not but two months I will be attending the University of Oregon, working towards a bachelor degree in science. I had a great impression of the school, the classes, some of the students were okay though most couldn’t meet my high standards of not looking like a thug, gossiping girly girl or stoner, but hey appearances aren’t everything, I hope.
My return was met with an internet failure in my house, so I spent the two days proceeding as well as the day of the release of the sequel of the best selling computer game of the world. For you not aware of this it was Starcraft2, it is an awesome game that sucked my life for four days straight, and I regret nothing from that time. Now that I am back from the strife of the Koprulu sector, having fixed the internet with my own hands, I decided to try out a flexible blogging pace. I’ll try this out for a bit, see what is to be seen and make a decision of future blog posting times.