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Monday, August 2, 2010


So the day after my previous post I went to Eugene for a college orientation, in not but two months I will be attending the University of Oregon, working towards a bachelor degree in science. I had a great impression of the school, the classes, some of the students were okay though most couldn’t meet my high standards of not looking like a thug, gossiping girly girl or stoner, but hey appearances aren’t everything, I hope.
My return was met with an internet failure in my house, so I spent the two days proceeding as well as the day of the release of the sequel of the best selling computer game of the world. For you not aware of this it was Starcraft2, it is an awesome game that sucked my life for four days straight, and I regret nothing from that time. Now that I am back from the strife of the Koprulu sector, having fixed the internet with my own hands, I decided to try out a flexible blogging pace. I’ll try this out for a bit, see what is to be seen and make a decision of future blog posting times.

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