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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The HoneyComb

So I've settled in to my dorm, started my classes, met people who also live in my complex. I've even started having scientific debates and brainstorms with random people in the lunch hall. Life at college has thus far been good.
However I know that I need to continue working on the important stuff, the things that won't be only influencing my life, but can potentially change the lives of others all over the world. The images are layouts for the core rooms of the HoneyComb. The underground utopia I have been designing and raising funds for over the last seven months. As I have described in past posts, this community will be self-sufficient, producing all necessities for the residents, as well as housing them, providing numerous entertainments and recreational activities. This structure will be built just below the surface, in areas normally unused by humans and once completed will not interfere with the ecosystems just above the ceiling. For those interested in learning more please leave your questions in the comments and I will try to address any questions people have on my plan to change the world.

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