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Friday, September 24, 2010

Your First Day In College

So based on the very first day of arriving at college I can tell you these things already.

Make sure you are able to get things you didn't bring, if you arrive and realize you forgot something make sure you either have a system with your parents to get it to you, or know how to replace said something.

Learn to cope, you might have been able to change your environment as much as you wanted at home, but here you have to deal with everything everyone else wants to do ex. Band practice at 8 in the morning outside your window.

Find someone who knows what they are doing, maybe it is a room mate, family friend or family member who recently attended college but you might think you have everything under control at that point check with them to make sure you aren't forgetting anything.

Deal without privacy, if you expect to make it to the showers and back without anyone seeing you, clothed or naked you might make the mistake of succeeding. At which point you will continue to try everyday and take extra time planning around your sneaky shower trips. It will make life easier if you accept that you can actually be naked in the changing area.

Free time after things are done is better than free time before things are done. Get as far as you can with one project until you have to wait on someone else, then spend time getting to know campus, signing into the gym, getting your laundry card. If you wait for that email response before doing anything else it will take weeks to finish a days worth of set up.

I'm going to try and continue to post about college survival for a bit before going back to science, also make sure to feed yourself, having food is more important than having extra money to spend later. Time for lunch, bye all.

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