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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not so End of the World pt.2

New information concerning the suns effect on the world, apparently a phenomenon occurred over a century ago similar to what we might be facing in the next few years. A large solar flare that was directed towards earth caused massive damage to telegraph lines, and turned the skies red. Not in the sense of red tinted clouds, but the once blue sky was red while this event was happening.
I have yet to find out how long this effect stayed, but it is theorized that all major electric systems could be taken down for as long as four years as we would have to repair without the use of electronic tools. Now I don't know about you but living without electronics for four years sounds somewhat awesome, sure I would be without email, cell phones, video games and movies, but I can hardly imagine how much things would change during that time. Seeing humans adapt would be enough entertainment to last me a lifetime, and then when we get electronics back and seeing how people then view electronics.
Perhaps we will move towards a more peaceful way of life, no longer ever expanding once our globalization system is gone. Or we could develop an alternative method of power, such as chemical, though I hope we do not revert to complete coal and fuel dependency.

Whatever this upcoming era leads us to, I can't wait to see what humans invent.

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