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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ruling the World

A conversation with a good friend of mine got me to thinking about how governments form and grow, spread and eventually die out. Then my imagination really kicked in and I started thinking about the classic villain whose goal is to "Rule the World."
Imagine trying to keep things running, even if you went for the oppressive dictatorship managing the entire globe would be so much work that even if you had the title of ruling the world you would be so overwhelmed with work that you couldn't take much pleasure in it. Saying that you would have servants do that for you also makes it a moot point as managing them and making sure the decisions you would make and enforced would be a full time job.
Personally, ruling the world sounds like too much work for a person to enjoy, unless they are workaholics. Perhaps all the villains wanted were steady jobs and intellectual stimulation, though if they have enough genius to coordinate a hostile take-over of the world they should have the common sense that they could find the same work load by applying for a job in the tech industry. I'm sure tech is cruel enough to meet their moral standards.

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