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Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello all,
I've been the busiest I have ever been in my entire life and you know what! it kinda sucks. So I've been emotionally down for the last week or so and yesterday blindsided me with another emotional weight. Overall my life is good, but it hasn't been fun recently.
On a far more positive note, my website is online. Yes a website that is focused on nothing less than bringing about world peace is online. I have finished our sign in feature, but have yet to set up a registration form so new users can't make a profile yet. Though I'm going to focus on getting content for users to actually do before I let users not involved in the creation process register so it may be awhile before that is set up. In the mean time I will continue working on the navigation, profile editing and user posting systems.
That is all-

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Alright, to begin my redefinition of morality I needed to determine what I was redefining. We often hear the terms good and evil being tossed around like they are absolutes but in reality they are little more than opinions. In fact, finding a way of quantifying an action as good or evil is incredibly difficult as only the most extreme behaviors are consistently given a label, and even then exceptions exist.

So I looked to the origin of good and evil to find out what they really meant. As it turns out the word good is a modification of the word god, roughly translating to god-following, or obedient. Evil interestingly enough began as goods opposite, starting out with the meaning uppity, or misbehaving.

Today we don't use good and evil as terms of obedience, but rather as terms to describe the conditions applied to those affected by our actions. So if we look at some actions of modern individuals, such as the protesters in Egypt, we will get two opposing descriptions if we use the newer or older meanings of good and evil. The protesters are clearly disobeying the Egyptian authority, being disobedient as it were and so you can say that protesters are evil. If one looks at the more modern meaning however you will see their actions as reducing suffering to the masses, and preventing future harm by the oppressive government, so the protesters are good.

There isn't a clear cut off point for when the meanings changed, though texts written before the 1700's will be using the original meanings for good and evil. Considering how many follow holy books scribed centuries before this, it is not surprising that the words good and evil are so misunderstood.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello World,
I've been feeling slightly insane of late. Don't worry, I'm going to have it checked out. But i has been weird not knowing what my mind has been making up and what I am actually experiencing. I hate siding with the concept of nothing is proven to exist, but it does make more sense when I can't tell the difference between imagined and real.

Your somewhat sane-

Monday, February 7, 2011

Redefining Morals

I've been taking regular walks around the river nearby campus to clear my head after classes and find some level of sanity. Lots of internal monologues and brainstorms on life purpose, morality, and what sanity really means what with my own inner world being almost as real as the own outside my mind and how the psyche can influence ones perception so greatly. On that note I bumped into a most peculiar woman on my walk about a week ago, thankfully not literally. Walking along, lost in an inner monologue on the evil acts humans perform so frequently I realized I had been sharing the path with a young woman my age for longer than I could remember. Considering how passive I normally am it surprises me that I actually initiated conversation.

We quickly got into an argument about morality and whether humans are innately good, evil or neither, ending our formerly peaceful walks with anger (I'd like to say that I won).
Turns out we both exercise at the same time, as I have seen her two times since on the path, during which we have continued our debate.
Today we came to something of an agreement on the nature of humans, one that I don't believe has been presented by any of the more popular philosophers. I'll be describing our idea soon, as I don't want to steal a partnership created inspiration for only my own I need to check with her. Oh and we saw a nutria on our walk.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


I have been painfully busy over the last week. Not because of the amount of things I have needed to do but because of how I have faced them.
My ADD trail medication ran out and the difference in productivity was apparent within a day. It has since been replenished, but I now know just how much my subconscious maelstrom of ideas has been negatively influencing my work ethic.
In other news I've been learning how to program in php, giving me new insight in the complexity of the most basic website. The site I am building has taken up nearly all my focus in the recent past, ideally that will result in a tangible product in the near future. Sorry for not giving any new information on said project, but its secrecy will make it all the more exciting.