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Monday, February 7, 2011

Redefining Morals

I've been taking regular walks around the river nearby campus to clear my head after classes and find some level of sanity. Lots of internal monologues and brainstorms on life purpose, morality, and what sanity really means what with my own inner world being almost as real as the own outside my mind and how the psyche can influence ones perception so greatly. On that note I bumped into a most peculiar woman on my walk about a week ago, thankfully not literally. Walking along, lost in an inner monologue on the evil acts humans perform so frequently I realized I had been sharing the path with a young woman my age for longer than I could remember. Considering how passive I normally am it surprises me that I actually initiated conversation.

We quickly got into an argument about morality and whether humans are innately good, evil or neither, ending our formerly peaceful walks with anger (I'd like to say that I won).
Turns out we both exercise at the same time, as I have seen her two times since on the path, during which we have continued our debate.
Today we came to something of an agreement on the nature of humans, one that I don't believe has been presented by any of the more popular philosophers. I'll be describing our idea soon, as I don't want to steal a partnership created inspiration for only my own I need to check with her. Oh and we saw a nutria on our walk.



  1. Interesting take on our encounter, but I think it was far closer to a draw then you winning. Feel free to post more of our discussion, but if you make any money off of our idea I want part of it. ;p
    Your a hippy by the way,

  2. *You're*
    And here I thought you were the grammar Nazi.

  3. Spellcheck,
    "as real as the own outside my mind"
    should be:
    "as real as the one outside my mind".

    Also, I'm curious as to what you were arguing to begin with. I maintain that humans are inherently good. I listed why, but then I deleted it because it didn't seem important right now... Oh well.

    Nutrias are pretty cool?

  4. I made a claim that humanity has pretty much destroyed itself. Duncan insisted that our species is salvagable, thus began the arguement.
    Nutrias are water vermin that were brought up as stock animals for the fur trade. Now they are tearring up the riverbanks, further degrading the local environment.
    Just another step in the human races sprint into the abyss.